Malaysian Association of Home Economics (MAHE)

Welcome to MAHE

Malaysia Association of Home Economics (MAHE) is a voluntary registered non-profit organization with a major concern to empower the transformation of Home Economics education to a more dynamic and responsive to improve the quality life of individuals, families, and society. It can be done by strengthening the skill subject of Home Economics that originally consists of two major skill areas, which are Food Preparation and Sewing and Garment, followed by the skill areas of Beauty Art and Family Resource Management. Based on demand and need for the nation, each of those four skill areas has developed their own branches of area. MAHE has actively organised various activities that aligned with its vision, mission, core strategies, and objectives at national and international levels: skill training, short course, workshop, talk, academic trip, conference, community service, and research and publication. MAHE that established in 1986 and made up of Home Economics education background members welcomes those from different field to be part of this association family members to enrich and increase collaboration for a better impact towards the society.

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